Weekend Getaway – Thar Desert Safari Outing!

Are you planning to enjoy a memorable tour with your family in this forthcoming vacation? Then why not plan for a trip to the desert? Not offshore, but onshore! Yes, it is all about the Thar Desert in Rajasthan that will astound you with some exclusive and mesmerizing moments. Let us get introduced to the going-to-be safari trip!

Experience the Actual Beauty and Grace of Rajasthan

India is gifted with highly remarkable beauties and grace that attract people from all over the world. The Thar Desert is among them! Its bravura citadels along with colorful and magnificent villages have made it a wonderful spot for tourists. Till date, you have heard about the rich culture and remarkable historic background.

But now, it is high time to experience the same with your naked eyes. Are you waiting to enjoy camel safari? Most welcome! A ride on the camel will give you a great exposure to the astounding beauty of the desert. In general, safaris in Rajasthan are carried out on camels. Rajasthan, as it is crystal clear from the name that it was a princely state with a wide number of:

  • Palaces
  • Richly carved temples
  • Courtyard mansions

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